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The moment you complete your purchase, your order will be will take 3 to 5 working days (due to covid, these dates might change). We promise our customers one of the best experiences in online shopping that is hassle free and reliable. We take care of all parameters that ensure your goods reach you in a sound state. Business days are Monday to Friday, except for holidays. Please note that Gomar does not ship on Saturdays and Sundays, Excluding public holidays in the UAE.

Any Customs, Taxes or extra charges will be shouldered to the client.

  • Please review and ensure that you have entered the correct address. We are not responsible for non-delivery due to errors in the address that you provide. If an order is returned due to an incorrect address, we will refund the original order (excluding the shipping fee) and ask that you re-submit your order.

If there is any damage to the packaging on delivery, contact Gomar immediately on +971563290638 with a photo of the damaged good. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the deliveries, shipments or your order, please contact us at

Delivery Policy in all U.A.E  : An amount of AED 24 + 5% VAT will be charged for the deliveries in the UAE .

Our delivery company does not deliver to the areas below: 

-Abu Al Abyad (ABU DHABI), -Abu Samra (ABU DHABI), -Al Aryam (ABU DHABI), -Al Dhaera (ABU DHABI), -Al Hudayriat Island (ABU DHABI), -AL Khatam (ABU DHABI),Al Marfa (ABU DHABI), -Al Sabkha (ABU DHABI), -Al Sila (ABU DHABI), -Arada (ABU DHABI), -Asab (ABU DHABI), -Bal Rumaid Island (ABU DHABI), -Bida Al Mutawa (ABU DHABI), -Bu Hasa (ABU DHABI), -Buthasa (ABU DHABI), -Das Island (ABU DHABI), -Ghayati(ABU DHABI), -Ghwaifath(ABU DHABI), -Samaliyah Island (ABU DHABI), – Al Ajban(ABU DHABI), -Sir Baniyas Island (ABU DHABI), -Sweihan(ABU DHABI), -Taraq (ABU DHABI), -Tareef (ABU DHABI), -Tawazun (Ajban) (ABU DHABI), -Umm Yifenah Island (ABU DHABI), -Western Region Municipality (ABU DHABI), -Zeera Island (ABU DHABI), -Zirku (ABU DHABI), -Habshan (ABU DHABI), -Hamayam (ABU DHABI), -Hamim (ABU DHABI), -Jabel dhana (ABU DHABI), -Liwa (ABU DHABI), -Lulu Island (ABU DHABI), -Madinat Zayed City (ABU DHABI), -Madinat Zayed Military (ABU DHABI), -Mirfa (ABU DHABI), -Ruwais (ABU DHABI).

Al Ain Truck Road (AlAin), -Al Daher (AlAin), -Al Daherah (AlAin), -Al Faqaa (AlAin), -Al Fouaa (AlAin), -Al Hayer (AlAin), -Al Khatm (AlAin), -Al Khaznah (AlAin), -Al Mabzarra (AlAin), -Al Malaqet (AlAin), -Al Oha (AlAin), -Al Quee (AlAin), -Al Remah (AlAin), -Al Saad (AlAin), -Al Sulaimat (AlAin), -Al Wagan (AlAin), -Alain Faytha (AlAin), -Jabal Hafeet (AlAin), -Khatm Shakla (AlAin), -Mazyad (AlAin), -Nahel (AlAin), -Shawaib (AlAin), -Sweihan (AlAin), -Umm Ghaffa (AlAin).

Al Qudra Lake (DUBAI), -Bab Al Shams (DUBAI), -Dxb Intl Edurance City (DUBAI), -Lahbab (DUBAI), -Margham (DUBAI).

Al Madam (SHARJAH), -Badeea (SHARJAH), -Dhaid (SHARJAH), -Lahbab (SHARJAH), -Nazwa (SHARJAH), -Scout Camp (SHARJAH), -Umm Faneen (SHARJAH).

Biyatha (UMM AL QUWAIN), -Falaj Al Mulla (UMM AL QUWAIN), -Kaber (UMM AL QUWAIN), -Lipsa (UMM AL QUWAIN), -Rafa (UMM AL QUWAIN).

Friday Market (FUJAIRAH), -Affara (FUJAIRAH), -Farfar (FUJAIRAH), -Jeroof (FUJAIRAH), -Madam (FUJAIRAH), -Nehwa (FUJAIRAH), -Wadi Halo (FUJAIRAH), -Wadi Mai (FUJAIRAH), -Wadi Sadar (FUJAIRAH), -Wadi Shees (FUJAIRAH), -Wadi Wurayah (FUJAIRAH), -Abadilah (FUJAIRAH), -Ghub (FUJAIRAH), -Fujairah Cement Factory (FUJAIRAH), -Ohla (FUJAIRAH), -Siji Al Hail Area (FUJAIRAH).

Aden (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Bin Majid Beach Resort (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Chup Chup (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Defence Camp (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Khath (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Mukawarra (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Saadi (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Seih Al Barerath (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Shaam (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Thoween (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Wadi Koob (RAS AL KHAIMAH).

A minimum of 100 AED/ shipment is charged for the REMOTE AREAS below : (And 1.86 AED per kilo if higher)

Hydra Village (ABU DHABI), -Shakhbout City (ABU DHABI), -Al Bahiya (ABU DHABI), -Al Dhafra Air Base (ABU DHABI), -Al Ghadeer Village (ABU DHABI), -Al Raha Beach (ABU DHABI), -Al Rahba (ABU DHABI), -Al Samha (ABU DHABI), -Al Shamkha (ABU DHABI), -Al Shwamekh (ABU DHABI), -Al Wathba (ABU DHABI), -Baniyas (ABU DHABI), -ICAD 3(ABU DHABI), -Mafraq (ABU DHABI), -Mangroove Village (ABU DHABI), -New Al Falah (ABU DHABI), -Reef Villas (ABU DHABI), -Sadiyat (ABU DHABI), -Sas Al Nakhl island (ABU DHABI), -Shahamah (ABU DHABI), -Taweela (ABU DHABI), -Yas Island (ABU DHABI).

Al Yahar (ALAin).

Al Lisaili (Dubai), -Al Maktoum Airport (Dubai), -Jebel Ali Golf Resort (Dubai), -Jebel Ali Palm (Dubai).


Al Ghail Indl Area (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Al Jeer (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Ghalilah (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Hamraniya (RAS AL KHAIMAH), -Khor Khwair (RAS AL KHAIMAH).

Cement Factory (SHARJAH), -Sajja (SHARJAH), -Rahmania (SHARJAH).

For worldwide shipping , the shipping rate varies depending on the country Gomar is shipping to, you can check the value when checking out. 

If in any case your online payment does not go through, try to re-type your card information correctly, usually when a bank declines a payment it’s either the name, expiry date, or post code you entered doesn’t match the bank’s information or there is an insufficient fund. please try using a different payment card.

Please note that in order for Gomar to be able to ship your order as quickly as possible, the payment should go through. (or if you are based in the U.A.E then you can choose the cash on delivery method).

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